Next Generation Clinical Decision Support

Statistically speaking, if you’ve received a medication on prescription from the NHS in the last year, it will not be the right medication for your condition.

Future Pharmacy (FP) is a health-tech start-up with the simple goal of eliminating prescribing errors. The team has been built around in-depth industry knowledge, incredible developer insight and transparency.

The FP app is able to dose, monitor and display, medication and disease information using globally recognised, medical databases. Our app combines hospital, national and patient information to save health services time, money and lives.

0 million
medications dispensed annually
0 million
medications that are sub-optimal.
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in wasted NHS budget
"Clinical Decision Support Systems such as Future Pharmacy are vital to the sustainability and effectiveness of the NHS and will provide patients with unparrallelled level of clinical care"
Keith Mcneil
NHS national Director of IT

Clinical Decision Support in the palm of your hand

Using algorithms & databases that have been clinically validated, users can be given accurate dosing guidance.
Returned results contain dose, monitoring, duration and formulation recommendations, citing each source used. 

Adhering to strict NHS data protection and IT governance policies, the FP app allows users to send FP summaries to other users.

Anonymised data collected from all sites create powerful overviews of drug availability, search trends and forecasts. 

  • Complete and Concise
  • Integrated resources
  • secure and Safe
  • Quick and Easy
  • Designed for Mobile
  • Powerful Data Reporting

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